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World Biryani Day – A Celebration on the Emotion of Foodies

October 11 is celebrated as World Biryani day. The people who love food – Biryani will be their top priority here is the day where to celebrate their love for their favourite biryani. For non-vegetarians, a kind of happiness comes when it is pronounced as biryani. It can only be felt by them.

In India, biryani, one of the best-selling food items, is arguably the property of South India. Since today is Sunday crowds are flocking to the biryani restaurants today. Even if you eat biryani daily, you will not get tired Biryani is its aroma that’s the sayings by foodies for this remarkable day.

To Mark this biryani day a private restaurant in Trichy announced today that biryani will be served for 10 Paisa. Also, they said that only the first 100 people would be Served this biryani.

On this remark, a large number of people gathered at the shop on Trichy Shastri Road due to a desire for biryani. Large numbers of people gathered at the location, forgetting about the situation of COVID-19. The restaurant, however, served biryani only to the first 100 people who arrived with a ten paise coin.

Now a Valid Question?

How these people got this 10 paise coin is a mystery. How do they still carry it when it’s not valid?

Similarly, at another branch of the restaurant in the Trichy Palakkad area, corona field staff such as cleaners, health workers, and Police personnel were given biryani for one rupee today.

Mutton Biryani which is usually sold for 220 rupees, was offered today for one rupee and ten paise. This was very well received by the people.

The biryani shops in Haskot, Karnataka are very popular in this regard. Today the place is flooded with people as the crowds of biryani lovers roam even on normal days. People wait in line for about 1.5 km to buy biryani. As people flocked to place the order early in the morning, there was a commotion in the body space.

The biryani is being celebrated all over the world today. Thus the crowd waves at the biryani shops. Even though it is the month of Purattasi, today is Sunday. Also, this is the day for biryani lovers. Thus, the crowd is filled out in the tasty shops are waiting in long queues and buying the biryani in kilos.

East or West Biryani is the Best! Biryani is not just a word it’s an emotion!

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World Biryani Day – A Celebration on the Emotion of Foodies

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