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Will the Current 100% Lockdown in Chennai and 4 districts for COVID-19 from today be effective ? Also Get to Know the Norms issued by government

The Chennai city was under lockdowns previously for the purpose of containment of Coronavirus infection from spreading from one person to another. These lockdowns were not that effective as Chennai has been witnessing a large number of fresh Corona positive cases every day.

With the 100% lockdown conditions imposed on the Chennai District/Metro City, a large number of vehicles were off to the southern districts of Tamil Nadu and this caused a severe traffic jam in the Vandalur zone.

As a measure to prevent the raging coronavirus pandemic whose impact/intensity has been quite severe in 4 districts of Chennai, Kanchipuram, Chingleput, and Thiruvallur, 100% lockdown conditions have been imposed from 19th June to 30th June. As such, since yesterday night, a large number of vehicles left for the southern districts from the Chennai Metro City.

The general public and healthcare professionals were not sure about whether this lockdown would be effective or not. It was revealed by Dr. K. Kolandaisamy, former director of public health said that this lockdown would control transmission only in the crowded areas in the hotspots. He added that this would not be effective in reducing Corona cases. He insisted hand washing and wearing facemasks at public places must be made compulsory and these lockdowns would be effective.

Persons who are above the age of 60 are at high risk and these persons must be protected compulsorily. The transmission rate would be reduced only by hand washing, micro disinfection, and other precautions in this period. The present lockdown in Chennai has made many unhappy and they have questioned the government’s decision.

Norms have been issued for the lockdown in Chennai and 4 other districts by government

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to relax a few norms before the proposal of 100% Total lockdown for Chennai, Thiruvallur, Chengalpattu, and Kanchipuram districts from today. As per a government order, the following are the relaxations that would be in force during the lockdown from 19th June until 30th June:

Pre-paid autos, taxis and private vehicles allowed to ferry passengers from railway stations and airports.

Police personnel will regulate these vehicles in railway stations and airports and e-pass will be issued by the Tamil Nadu e-governance agency.

Headquarters of banks and financial institutions are permitted to function with minimal staff. Bank branches with minimal staff may function from 20 to 26 June from 10 am to 2 pm for cash transactions relating to distributors and retail dealers of essential items like petroleum products and LPG. No direct service to the public is permitted.

Workers staying within the premises of industries need not be tested for RTPCR.

E-passes will be issued by the Industries department to managerial and supervisory categories of industries for movement in and out of Greater Chennai Police Commissioner areas and other areas enforcing lockdown to their industrial units.

Seaports will be permitted to handle cargo for essential commodities, medical equipment, and other medical services with minimum staff.

Telecom, essential IT-ITES services to function with minimal staff and e-pass will be provided to workers on the list provided by the companies.
Milk and drinking water vehicles permitted. Permission to staff working in petrol bunks provided they carry identity cards, delivery of LPG cylinders allowed.

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Will the Current 100% Lockdown in Chennai and 4 districts for COVID-19 from today be effective ? Also Get to Know the Norms issued by government

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