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Vijaya Narayanan ‘Never Give Up’ mantra to save Luke

Luke is a pet dog adopted in Greece by a German travel couple last year, as his owners were nowhere to be found. The couple grew close with Luke and had him wherever they travelled and while travelling in India, they lost Luke in Chennai’s Marina Beach in July 2017. The couple registered a complaint with Marina Police Station and even began a Whatsapp campaign to find Luke. The couple even offered to pay for information on Luke and didn’t get any solid leads on the whereabouts of Luke.

When animal enthusiast and welfare worker, Vijaya Narayanan from Besant Nagar came across Luke’s missing, she contacted the couple and assured to assist in the search for the German couple’s furry pal, Luke. Ms Vijaya printed and distributed around 10k flyers about Luke and visited places she could imagine. She has been contacted by many each day regarding Luke and she made numerous visit and revisited many places in the city.

After untiring efforts and support from many, she got a call on 21st October and she finally found Luke in healthy condition. After matching the number on the microchip in the pet’s neck, the German couple were called and confirmed that Luke has been found. The couple were in Assam while Ms Vijaya made the call and the couple were reunited with Luke on Monday.

Both the couple and Luke were overwhelmed to meet each other after 3 month separation. Ms Vijaya has been involved in assisting many of the missing cases of pets in the city. If you are very attached to your pet and you seem to have lost him/her, Ms Vijaya’s persistent search to find and reunite Luke should be an example everyone should live upto. Never give up!

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Vijaya Narayanan ‘Never Give Up’ mantra to save Luke

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