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Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil – Season 1: Unconventional Title Winner

It was a well-predicted fact by the public, that the title winner of Bigg Boss Tamil – Season 1, would be the contestant who stayed in BB house from day 1 to 100. If Harish Kalyan were to be announced as the title winner, the public would have cursed Vijay TV and the channel was well aware of it.

In terms of performing tasks, it was evident that Snehan cheated and fought for his spot in the finale and Ganesh had been a diplomat he is from day 1 and a fair player of the game. But, Aarav had his 100% involvement in the game and tried to win the tasks to his best.

Without getting into any controversies at the BB house, Ganesh was keen in maintaining his physical health and winning the tasks, be it individual or team task. This made him not attractive enough in the eyes of public, except in one or two situations.

Vijay TV channel was interested in raising their TRP and so they fetched contestants who had the capacity to give controversial content and balanced with very few neutral contestants. Aarav’s name got registered in public’s mind, right after Oviya’s emotional trauma and thus an actress was brought to limelight from Vijay TVs backyard with revised celebrity status.

All the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil were well aware that, no matter when they get eliminated from BB house, they will receive a surprising future waiting for grabs. To prove this point, the long forgotten other language film of Oviya’s was dubbed in Tamil and released to the masses. Bigg Boss Tamil show has been a platform for the public to remember the forgotten, struggling & upcoming actors and projected as products of Vijay TV Channel.

Among the 4 finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil, already Ganesh was well placed in Tamil film industry for his supporting character roles with leading actors; Snehan has a well-renowned lyricist status in Tamil industry, and Harish Kalyan was not accounted for, as he has not been at BB house since the beginning.So, the contestant left and apt to win the title would be Aarav, whose chances of becoming a hero was high compared to the established artists in the Tamil film industry.

Vijay TV channel could have kept in mind the publicity they could get, if they found a hero (Aarav) through their Big Boss Tamil show and they had a role in choosing the winner.After the Bigg Boss Tamil’s 1st season fever sets down and all contestants resume their regular lives, Vijay TV might rope in Aarav as a chief guest for almost all their reality shows.

When compared to other contestants, maybe, Aarav was and is disciplined and sensitive to things around him, off camera.

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Vijay TV’s Bigg Boss Tamil – Season 1: Unconventional Title Winner

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