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Mind and heart- healthy things to do on a rainy day

Everyone desires to experience rain in joy at least once in their lifetime. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t enjoy the rain. Rainy season can seem so boring but it can actually be fun. With the rainy season coming on the rise, here are some fun things one can do which will ease the heart during the gloomy rains.

1. Playing with paper boats

Building paper boats with friends or kids and leaving it on standing water areas can be fun.  Sometimes we would keep boat races and see who wins.  This is a classic hobby that will take us back to our childhood memories.

2. Listening to songs

Like they say, a cup of hot coffee and songs can really make one’s day. There is no best combination better than this. With the perfect playlist soothing your mind and soul in a rainy setting can be perfect.

3. Rain shower

More than taking a shower in your bathtub, it sounds cooler to have a shower under a big shower in an open area.  The experience of getting wet can be so exciting and refreshing.

4. Planning for a get together

Rain can be your reason to host a get together with friends rather than spending the day alone. A get-together with warm home cooked meals, board games and drinks can keep everyone stay lively.

5. Explore your creative side

Instead of whiling away a rainy holiday, one can do some creative stuff or decorate your living space. Pinterest to find DYI crafts or art to try your hand in bringing life to your home decor.

6. Going for a deep slumber

Having a deep sleep is the best feeling one can have to relieve the physical stress of your body. Naturally, the weather makes one lazy, so it is all the more merrier to have frequent and long naps.

7. Watching movies

Watching romantic, light themed movies can make you feel relaxed and happy. The weather plus the movie plus your mood will just pass away like a passing cloud. You will never notice the time passing away.

8. Getting Outdoors

Going out on a rainy day can be so soothing and mind-blowing. The cold wind blowing on you and rain showering on your skin is worth experiencing. Setting up bonfire in a closed area and clicking photos will be moments to cherish.

9. A long drive

Needless to say, there is nothing exceptional than going on a car or bike ride with your friends or partner. Bliss!

10. Hitting the spa

Taking a spa treatment in rainy season can lighten the mood and body and give a feel like being in heaven. The body massages, the hot spring treatments, essential oils, pedicures, etc., sounds divine.

Next time you spot rain, don’t just sit there like a couch potato but become an exploring ranger!

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Mind and heart- healthy things to do on a rainy day

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