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Tamil Rockers Admin Reveals Sources To Getting New Films..!

There could have not been a single movie which wasn’t found on Tamilrockers and until its demise there were millions of movies uploaded onto their website. One question that would have popped on everyone’s mind is, ‘How did Tamilrockers manage to not get caught until now?’. The admin of this website himself has given explanation.

Bhaskar was from Coimbatore owning a small Xerox shop, who also sold subject and software CDs. Apart from the above, his cupboard was full with CDs of newly released movies in almost all languages which was his main business. Daniel is one of the significant partners in Tamilrockers group; he and Bhaskar had a fight when few had talks of expanding Tamilrockers. Bhaskar was disinterested and decided to step away from Tamilrockers.

Tamilrockers came to life in 2007 after Sivaji movie’s release. As it was Rajnikanth’s movie, the level of craziness for Sivaji movie’s DVD was at another level. There was shortage of prints and so computers wer bought to increase the prints and Police raided and sealed the shops. And only after Daniel’s motivation and guidance, has Tamilrockers grown this big.

Tamilrockers understood that for a movie torrent website, all they needed was internet connection and a computer, so they had a temporary office setup in a small shed in Nungambakkam. Intially, they had uploaded all movies in 3-4 languages.

Bhaskar has commented that Tamilrockers’ movie sources were from three options:

  1. For example, be it a big budget movie/ a leading actor’s movie, producers sell the about to be released movies to distributors and that is were Tamilrockers came into play. They paid either an organiser or film studio staff of a movie between 70,000 to 1 lakh rupees and purchased print to the movie and blackmailed the producer for 3 lakh rupees, telling their movie will be uploaded online, if the producer doesn’t pay up. Tamilrockers had a profit of 2 lakh rupees and in case the producer ignores the blackmail, Tamilrockers just uploads the movie online and earn money from there, so either way their business model resulted in profit. But, Bhaskar says that most of the producers give into the blackmail and pay.
  2.  All producers screen their movies overseas, because they would mainly want to get back their investment from the movie. Movies are distributed to theatres world wide through technology and Tamilrockers get their people to convince theatre organisers, pay them up and get the movie. If that doesn’t work out, they use ‘Double route’ technique were the movie gets screened in a theatre and also on another screen which is linked to double screen a movie at two different places, simultaneously. There might be a 10 minute difference and the 2nd computer linked will be Tamilrockers and they would spend 4-5 lakh rupees to acquire the film.
  3. Tamilrockers will pay ₹500-1500 for teenagers to record the movie from theatre screens on their mobile phones, which is simple and hassle free.

When questioned why upload movies online in-spite of knowing it is illegal, Bhaskar simply replied, people should stop downloading movies and why not watch it in theatres. We existed only because of the demand and we supplied it for them and if we people didn’t search for torrents, our business would have been doomed.

This interview was given by Tamilrockers admin, Bhaskar to one of Voxspace editor.

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Tamil Rockers Admin Reveals Sources To Getting New Films..!

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