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“Sending Smiles All The Way”

Have you ever imagined receiving a lovely handwritten letter from a stranger? or ever had a random passerby surprising you with gifts and positive notes?

Well, it’s happening!

The Goodwill Tribe is one such initiative that connects people and promotes the idea of spreading joy and kindness.

“It is the brainchild of Sonia and Chandni, who believe that Kindness is universal and can change the world”.

It all began in 2014 when Sonia went to Dubai and reached out to her college classmate Chandni with an idea. Sonia’s dream was to foster deep human connection through acts of kindness and she had the perfect plan for it. Chandni too had a similar vision and they both partnered and decided to take the leap.

The Goodwill Tribe project was initially started in Dubai and gradually took off in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Sydney and London.

Every month, a group of volunteers would gather and contribute to various activities that include writing letters of love to strangers and going on random acts of kindness mission.

Letters of Love To Strangers!

Letter Earthlings is a community that writes letters based on requests from people.


“This is an initiative started by one of our members, Nivendra.  We share a Google form where people can send in a request for their loved ones going through a rough time,” says Sonia.

Along with the request, the person needs to share few details such as the purpose of the message and the address of the recipient.

Volunteers then write a positive message or draw pictures-any creative way of expressing goodwill and compassion.

The Goodwill Tribe also organises Kindness drive, wherein, cards are given to people with a message to perform random act of kindness. They are then expected to pass on the card and thus forming a chain and spreading kindness.

In order to take this initiative further, the founders intend to pilot new project ideas.

“We have designed our projects in a way that are easily replicable in any part of the world. Anyone can reach out to us and start a local Goodwill Tribe chapter in their community.”

They can be reached at :  and

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“Sending Smiles All The Way”

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