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Psycho sisters assault and murder a 17 year old house maid in Chennai!

Mr. Muruganandham, a business man in Kanchipuram resides in Chennai’s Besant Nagar. A 17-year old girl Ms. Madhuri Mahalakshmi from Andhra Pradesh was employed as house help for over 2 years. His wife, Mrs. Sushmitha and her sister Ms. Mithra (20-year old) have been arrested by Sashtri Nagar Police for the assault and murder of their housemaid. After the death of Madhuri, Muruganandham has called the local Police to inform that the death was due to long term illness.

After arriving at their house in Besant Nagar, Police found that Madhuri had small bruises and cuts on her arms & legs that were similar to the ones caused from physical torture. After investigating Muruganandham and Sushmitha, the Police felt that the couple were giving contradicting statements. So, the couple were questioned separately and the Police found that Sushmitha and her sister Mithra torturously murdered Madhuri by pouring boiling water and thrashing her head with kitchen spoon.

Sushmitha also gave a statement to the Police, saying that Madhuri killed their 2 foreign bred house dogs and also hit their 9 year old son and that is why she murdered the housemaid.

The psycho sisters have played God in the life of a 17 year old, irrespective of the mistakes Madhuri might have done, neither Sushmitha nor Mithra had the right to destroy a life. Letting the anger out loose and acting at the spur of the moment, not only has caused a teenager her life, but the families of Madhuri Mahalakshmi & Muruganandham are shattered by this tragedy.

RIP Madhuri Mahalakshmi, for life on Earth has been cruel to you..!

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Psycho sisters assault and murder a 17 year old house maid in Chennai!

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