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Are you a person who gets scared at the sight of a transgender?

Everyone one of us would have come across a transgender at some point in our lives or there might be few who would see transgenders on a daily basis on their travel routes and almost all of us try to avoid them. We would have noticed them mostly in public places like railway stations, toll gates on NH, bus stops, express trains & local railway stations. Unless a transgender is famous or does something good for the society, they are treated cheap and considered misfits of the society.

Not all transgenders have got opportunities to shine in their field of choice, because their options to live the life they wish gets reduced nearly to zero, just because they chose to become a transgender. Like everyone having their own struggles to overcome, most of the transgender community is denied opportunities and are forced to do odd jobs, just because of their choice.
Odd jobs are plenty and most of them are left with no option, as they need a source of income to survive, as they are also humans and not aliens. Transgenders are frequently seen in public places;seeking alms in return for their blessings, as a transgender’s blessing is considered auspicious by masses. So, few transgenders accept what they are given or ask more and if not given, they just walk away. There are few who ask a coin for them to bless it and give it back, as it might bring positivity to the bearer. There are few who stain their transgender community by robbing us in plain sight, while a person tries to reach their wallet/ purse to give money.

The transgenders generally portray a bold& self-confident character on the outside, but on the inside they are scared of the society’s eyes, when compared to the general masses’ fear of seeing a transgender. Because their self-esteem gets shattered as the family they were born into wouldn’t accept them for who they have become. So, the transgenders move out of their homes and they find it difficult to get a house/ apartment for rent. They get stares from eyes around them even if they don’t bother anyone around them and eating at a restaurant would be a nightmare, if they are alone.So, they accept the fact that they are mocked and trolled for their physical appearance and general perception of a transgender, so they try to inflict fear and earn money in return. No matter the schemes Government brings to existence for transgender community’s benefit, it is not easily available to them, as they have to fight for what is rightfully theirs. This forces most of the transgender community to get money from common people and we become one of the reasons for their rash behaviour.

Below is an audio clip of a woman travelling with her mother in a driver assisted car, where a group of transgenders surrounded the car on a busy traffic road, snatching money right from the mother’s handbag and it pains to hear such atrocious behaviour. When transgenders try to put hands into our wallet/purse, generally most of us try not to run behind them to get the money back and many transgenders have started to use it to their advantage. There has been an instance, during late night, when there were not many people on the road, few male thieves dressed up as transgenders and stole wallets with ease. The witnesses of these incidents were misled and identified the thieves as transgenders. This is mainly because, transgender community is not recognised and don’t have an identity for themselves, which leads to unsolved crimes and easy escape of criminals, spoiling the goodness of the transgender community.

With such bad incidents happening in the State of Tamil Nadu, a proud transgender, Prithika Yashini has been appointed as the first transgender Sub- Inspector, Dharmapuri district. She is the latest addition to the long list of Indian transgender achievers in various walks of life.

The same society which isolates transgenders for who they are, also consider their presence to bring good luck and positive vibes before starting a business and pay respects, which feels contradicting to the general perception. Before being judgemental of the transgender community, let us all recognise and accept them for the person they are and not neglect and stamp them as misfits of the society.


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Are you a person who gets scared at the sight of a transgender?

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