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Simple travel hacks for your next business trip/ vacation

Going on a vacation and can’t find enough space in your travel bag? Not to worry. Here are some packing tips that allow you to organize and give space for every product.

1. Space to fit in clothes

Roll all the clothes and the suitcase will fit in all your clothes. This gives more space to place other things inside the suitcase too. The amount of space can vary according to the number of clothes and size.

2. The Traveller’s Straw

A straw is not used for drinking purpose alone, but as a packing hack too. Simply take a straw and cut it into the size you prefer. Place a tweezer on one end of the straw and seal the ends with a lighter. This easy to carry anything hack can be handy for shampoos, toothpaste, sauces, honey, etc.

3. Button holes

Ladies, do you often lose your studs while travelling? Not to worry because studs,earrings can be secured inside buttonholes and keep it all safe from losing.

4. Tablet box

The biggest headache while carrying all your earrings and necklaces together will be, to see them all tangled up, which can be avoided. Use your tablet box to keep your accessories and save up some place and avoid damaging your pretty accessories.

5. Glass cases and Pen springs

Sun glass cases can come in handy to safe keep mobile charger wires. It will avoid the wires from being damaged and keep them hassle free. Pen springs can also be used to protect chargers from bending.

6. TV USB Slot

In case you forget your phone adapters, you can charge your phones, tabs, iPads through the USB slot on a TV. It will save you the money of buying another adapter.

7. Tic Tac Containers

To have your hair clips,small rubber bands, safety pins and other small items needed for your travel, put them inside Tic Tac containers for an organised toiletry kit.

8. Pockets

To keep soaps from being broken or pressed, they can be placed inside a washcloth pocket. Zip lock bags and covers can also be used for protection from any damage or even use the covers in case your clothes get untidy.

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Simple travel hacks for your next business trip/ vacation

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