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OTT Platforms, Youtube and Other Social Media Networks to get a Censor Committee?

The Madras High Court on Wednesday asked the central and the state governments to reply within a month to a plea seeking a censor board for regulating adult content in the social media and OTT platforms.

The petitioner sought the court to which demanded the formation of a special censor committee to censor the video-clips also temporarily stop social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook Instagram, and OTT platforms like Netflix, MX Player, Voot and Zee5 from uploading or telecasting any videos. the Chennai High Court has ordered the Central and State Governments to respond to this demand.

As some of the above-mentioned video-clips on the social media networks including the Kandha Sashti issue and the marriage of the actor Vanitha Vijayakumar developed into burn problems, Sudhan from Chennai had filed a petition in the Chennai High Court demanding that a special censor committee must be formed to censor the various video-clips downloaded in the social networking media websites.

In this petition, the petitioner had mentioned that as a large number of students are studying online presently due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent closure of schools and colleges, and also most of the employees are now working from home due to the same reasons, various controversial video clips have been up; loaded on the above-mentioned social networking media.

The petitioner has further pointed out that under the name of short documentaries, a large number of obscene videos are registered in these sites. As such, the petitioner has observed that though millions of consumers have been utilising the social networking media throughout the country, there are no censoring arrangements for these social networking websites.

A registered account alone was enough to start a channel, which provides a platform to upload videos in social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram without any restriction or censor, he said. Further, the petitioner said there were several adult content videos on social media which could have an adverse effect on the minds of school and college students.

Hence the PIL, he said, adding the contents released in over-the-top (OTT) platforms, that are digitally streamed, need to be censored.

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OTT Platforms, Youtube and Other Social Media Networks to get a Censor Committee?

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