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All you need to know is about new digital voter ID cards

The Election Commission on Monday rolled out the electronic version of the voters’ photo identity card on the occasion of the National Voters’ Day. With its formal launch on Monday, electors in Poll-bound West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam & Puducherry can use e-voter cards on Polling days. Elections are in these states and the union territory in April-May.

Here’s all you need to know about digital voter ID cards or e-EPIC (Elector Photo Identity Cards):

* The e-voter card is available in PDF format which cannot be edited. It can be self-printed and laminated by the voter when required.

* The ID card can be stored on mobile phones and downloaded on personal computers. They can also be saved in facilities such as digital locker.

* Electors in poll-bound West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, and Puducherry will be able to use the e-voter card on polling days. Elections are due in these states and the union territory in April-May.

* The digital card will eliminate the need for a voter to get a new card made each time there is a change in address on account of migration.

* The conventional ‘PV’ physical voter card would continue to be in use.

* The digital cards will eliminate the wait for delivery of the physical EPIC after it is approved.

* All new electors registered during special summary revision 2021 – those who applied during November-December 2020 — and whose mobile number provided while applying is unique, will get an SMS and may download e-EPIC between January 25 and 31,2021.

* All other general electors will be able to download their e-EPIC from February 1, 2021, in case they have a unique mobile number in the e-Roll. Alternatively, they will have to undergo (KYC) process before downloading the e-EPIC.

* Voters who have lost or damaged their EPIC cards will be able to download duplicate cards for free. Currently, this facility entails payment of Rs 25.

It may be noted here that other identity proofs like the Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license are already available in the digital format. This will be the first time that the government will issue voter identity cards in digital formats. 25th January had been chosen as the launch date of this program as National Voters` Day. The Election Commission has informed that all new voters will also get hard copies of their voter ID cards.

(With inputs from PTI)

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All you need to know is about new digital voter ID cards

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