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Meme Creators, Here is the content for your creativity from Engineering Colleges

Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu shift eyes to Arts & Science :

As there is a lot of dip with new admissions in engineering colleges are unable to maintain the institutions. As per the recent information more than 30 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu have applied to the directorate of collegiate education to convert their institutions as Arts & Science colleges.

Since 2017-2018 more than 50 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu were forced to closure because of the lack of interest to take up the engineering course. The number of technical institutions has shrunk from 596 in 2017-18 to 537 in 2020-21. Whereas on the same the interest towards the arts & science courses among students has been resulted out to be increased in recent years is also one of the main reasons for the number of applications that have been applied to arts and science colleges is initiated rather than applying for engineering colleges.

As per the recent news published on the TOI, Out Of 50 applications to start arts and science colleges for 2020-21, more than 30 applications are from engineering colleges. Though the number of engineering colleges is more, very few of them submit all required documents to start the new arts & science colleges.

Whereas the institutions who showed up interest to start the Arts & Science colleges mainly want to offer the, and computer-related courses where in the last few years these courses were seen such high demand.

There are 767 arts and science colleges in the state including 114 government colleges and 139 government-aided colleges and 514 self-financing colleges.

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Meme Creators, Here is the content for your creativity from Engineering Colleges

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