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Lockdown to be continued with some extended relaxations till the end of August CM to consult and decide today

It is well known that Tamil Nadu is under lockdown with some relaxations.

Lockdown with relaxations, currently in force across Tamil Nadu is likely to continue until august-end. While further relaxations could be considered. On Wednesday, 29th of July 2020, CM of TN Mr. E. Palaniswami would hold discussions with the district collectors and further relaxations would be considered. The official sources have mentioned that the ban on public transport, cinema theatres, malls, etc would remain in force.

As per a TN government official, it was clear that Coronavirus positive numbers have been increasing in many districts and lockdown would continue beyond 31st July 2020. On this date the present lockdown would come to close is well known to us. There could be some relaxation could be considered but control over public transport and over public places would remain until at least next month.

The video-conference regarding this is scheduled a 9.20 AM at the Namakkal Kavignar Building located in the Tamil Nadu State Government Chief Secretariat Complex.

The Chief Minister is scheduled to receive detailed information on the coronavirus impact status in each and every district during this discussion. He will also consult regarding issues on the effects of the continuous lockdown on various fronts.

The Chief Minister will also receive suggestions from the district collectors regarding the further activities to be undertaken to prevent the spread of the raging coronavirus pandemic and the treatment to be given to coronavirus-infected patients.

After concluding the meeting with the district collectors, the Chief Minister is scheduled to have a detailed review meeting with the Medical Experts Council formed by the state government tomorrow (Thursday, 30th July). Opinions and suggestions from the medical experts will be sought and discussed during this meeting.

The decision regarding the extension of lockdown and on further relaxations will be taken based on the outcome of the above 2 meetings. The circles from the Tamil Nadu Government Secretariat informs that a detailed official report is expected to be released on Thursday (30th July) or 31st July (Friday).

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Lockdown to be continued with some extended relaxations till the end of August CM to consult and decide today

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