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IPL Craze Begins with Meme Creators

IPL Craze Begins with a Gala over Memes :

So April – May is meant to be the summer season whereas also its time to celebrate the cricket. So the recent buzz about the IPL 13th editions is the schedule to commence from March 29th. When the news hits down the media, the buzz created to have a great reach through memes where the netizens started a gala celebratory mode through memes.

Whereas the scheduled match starts with CSK vs MI, the biggest rivalry teams of IPL gets a face-off at Mumbai again. Last year the finals where again the same rivalry team but the result was on the MI side. So this year Its right time for CSK to do tit for tat & give it back to MI. Lots of netizens took the storm of memes of IPL through all over the social media. Also, the memes between CSK vs MI tops the memes charts. Also, Check the Schedule of CSK matches at IPL 2020.

IPL Schedule 2020 CSK

Also, RCB has changed the logo this year has made a big debate as they can be the new winner for this season was the statement made out by RCBians whereas other team fans trolled out continuously on the new change over of the RCB team.

Now the Chennai netizens are busy creating memes over IPL even before a month is the real craze fan moments shown for the cricket & Thala Dhoni. Also, After World Cup Dhoni hasn’t made his entry to the team over these months in international cricket matches for India.

CSK is on fire mode to win the cup this year & make a shout with the lion chanting on the ground Dhoni! Dhoni! Dhoni! So once IPL gets started you can expect the meme floods happen to take the storm among the netizens. Let’s wait and watch who lifts the Cup on this season.


P.S: The fans & Army frenzy over the IPL & memes are meant to be a never-ending story     

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IPL Craze Begins with Meme Creators

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