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Hoping for a cleaner Marina Chennaites?


Let the word sink in.

A place where a lot has happened in the recent past of Tamil Nadu.

The Jallikattu protest has garnered an international attention. Only to have a sore ending. The worsely affected were the localities living below the poverty line. Who’s main source of income besides fishing is the small shops in the beach.

Compared to the epic political and provocative events that have happened in the beach. The fact that its one of the longest beach in the world doesn’t hold up here .

What’s it going to be this time?

In an effort to cleanse the bad memories along with it, people of Chennai corporation have decided to wipe it off. There seems to be a lot of complaints gathered on the unclean environment in the vicinity of the beach. The chaotic and never-the less beautiful placement of shops seem to be the cause.

cleaner Marina

Fight against cleaner Marina

The shops have been aligned in a single lane. Creating order and making it easier for the people of the corporation to clean it regularly. This has commenced yesterday near the light house. The shopkeepers have protested against this action, trying to stop the attempt.

A member of Chennai corporation has expounded the situation to the public. This is a move for a cleaner Marina, which seems to be a good initiative.

Won’t a cleaner beach attract more people?

But, will that affect the day to day life of the poor shop keepers? Haven’t they suffered enough lately?

What’s your comment? Drop it down below, and take a look at our events section to be updated on the happening in and around Chennai.

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Hoping for a cleaner Marina Chennaites?

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