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Happy Engineers Day – 10 Things to remember on this day…!

September 15 is celebrated every year in India as Engineer’s Day to commemorate the birthday of the legendary engineer Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1861-1962). Year after year a section of the youth battles this challenging degree for four years. Here are a few things engineers out there will totally understand and relate to.


  1. The thickest book award might just go to the engineering textbooks. The question banks are a rescue but with the lab files and back to back exams how are poor students supposed to even finish their course? Revising the syllabus is a concept alien to them!


  1. With internal assessment exams, internal practical exams, and then external practical to finally external exams, there is no respite from taking examinations if you are aiming to become an engineer. Not to mention the viva voce.


  1. India produces millions of engineers every year but there is a dearth for good job openings in the market. So like you don’t ask a girl her age, do not ask an engineer about job placements.


  1. Well, all the students of mechanical engineering would understand the grief of not having girls in the class


  1. Many of the electrical engineers might have been asked to change a tube-light because people don’t understand that there is more to engineering.

  1. There is a major difference between what the social expectations are and what an electrical engineer does.


  1. Lecturers, Short Attendance, Backlogs & Detention are the four demons for Engineering student’s college life.


  1. Every semester we have a professor who takes the never-ending mid-semester exams is either called a nerd or is constantly laughed at in college.


  1. Justifying backlogs to the parents probably becomes a part and parcel of an engineering student’s life.


  1. Last but not least! Happy Engineer’s Day to all those who cross these hurdles with great ideas and innovations.

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Happy Engineers Day – 10 Things to remember on this day…!

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