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Foods that keep you refreshed in winter!

Having the right food at the right time is very important. One must know to consume the right type of food in the right amount. Consuming heavy food in winter and light food in summer is not good for a person. But, there are some foods that keeps our body refreshed and active despite the bad weather.

Hot Soups

Having a nice bowl of hot soup for this winter will definitely relax the mind and soul. The broth will not only give a soothing feel on the inside, but also a satisfying feel on the outside. This is almost like a tradition that many homes follow today.

Bhajii / Bonda

The best evening snack for a hungry soul would be smoking hot, bhajii, bondas and pakoras. There is nothing else that can replace these fritters in winter. Whenever there is rain, these snacks are a must-have and worth the winter calories.

Coffee/ Tea

For those who don’t like to have fried items, hot drinks can be a healthy alternative. Flavoured tea and coffee can be good compliments to enjoy while sitting by the window, enjoying the rain. All the stress and tension just fades away and relaxation kicks in.

Hot chocolate

Just like tea and coffee, a cup of creamy, sumptuous hot chocolate can be a mind relaxing drink. Not only does it keep the mind calm and happy, but also a good drink for those who crave something sweet.

Homemade delicacies

Fresh and healthy home cooked food can really give the cozy comfortableness a home meal provides for the cold weather. A good, hearty meal with family around can always be the best food for a gloomy soul.

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Foods that keep you refreshed in winter!

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