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Five Reasons Why Chennai is Better Than Bangalore

Chennai houses a variety of people, and is famous for a lot things. But, what are things that make Chennai a great city – that it is.  Here is a list of reasons why Chennai is a much more exciting city than her neighbor Bangalore.

Safe city for women

The city of Chennai is declared a safe place for women. Compared to the amount of violence and crimes against of women, especially in the parts of North India – The south is a safe heaven for women from all over India.

Cost Effective City

Since Chennai houses people from various parts of India, cost of living varies depending upon your place of stay. You could have a meal for a mere five Rupees, and have a cup of coffee that costs around 112 Rupees including GST.

If you are stuck in the ‘middle’ – you can test out the luxurious lifestyle once in a blue moon or whenever your wallet is bulky.

Friendly people of Chennai

Whenever you feel lost, you can ask anyone in the streets for directions – no matter of the time and place. If you put on a real ‘lost’ face, people will flock to help you out and make sure you are safe and have sorted out the issue.

Where is the party?

Chennai besides having plenty of Tasmacs (even after the 500m rule), has some classy joints to kick off your weekend with a collection of rock songs. Big Bang Theory, BOATS, Chipstead are some of the places you want to get to with your friends, who’re with or without benefits.

An easy getaway to the beaches

Any metro life can be tiresome, with all the commuting to work and the terrible hours. When movies, pubs and clubs have become a routine and eats away your notes faster, try the beaches.

The air from the shores alters your mood in the most effective manner. The beaches of Chennai is not only for the couples and lovers; one could have a moment of epiphany in the shores looking into the darkly clouds.

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Five Reasons Why Chennai is Better Than Bangalore

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