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Fidget Spinners are they worth a try?

Fads may come. Fads may go. Selfies are going to stay on forever. The ritual taking one’s own portrait is ancient. Started probably with Leornado painting himself in the most famous Mona Lisa. But, is the fidget spinner as cool as they say?  Are they really worth a try?

Get your Mona Lisa Spinner

Spin your anxiety around

Fidget Spinner is a toy which rotates for elongated times. Said to help people with anxiety and attention disorders. Toys of this kind have existed for some time now. Helping kids and adults (the age limit is 4-adults) focus on the task at hand by keeping their limbs occupied.

Spinner gonna help?

While this is a fad that’s catching on fast. Some use it as a tool to gather attention. If it could create an awareness about Autism, ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) more the better. But, does it really help?

Fidgeting around is fun

While tinkerers are looked upon as weird. Geeks and antisocial. While they are mostly alienated for innocuous social faux pas. Toys like The Fidget Spinner, could make them look – kinda cool. And, help them limit their social awkwardness; as part of their mind is focusing on keeping the spinner balanced.

Plenty of options to fidget around

Which one to buy?

There are a variety of spinners available online. Only if it were available in the streets of Pondy Bazzar or Richie Street. The starting range in Amazon starts from 110 INR. The spinners’ price varies based on few criteria. Looks, quality material and the most important of all – time of spin. Costly spinners, beyond looking cool and fancy – spin for a long time.

Give this nifty fad a try. And, stay ahead of the crowd. Don’t fret. Chennaites is going to help you stay cool with things to do. Please comment if you find one near your locality in Chennai.

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Fidget Spinners are they worth a try?

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