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How to face rejection like a pro!

Denied entry into a pub? Rejected in a job interview. Or, more serious. Rejected by a girl? It doesn’t matter. These five tips are gonna help you move on!

1. Calm down & don’t react

Don’t make any rash decisions. Emotional rejection gives physical pain. Researches show us that. The pain is real. And, very few realise that. You could end up in worse stages if you act on your emotional peek at this juncture.

Instead, sit down. Relax. Take a sip of Coffe. Or something that calms your mind. Learn to circumvent the emotional triggers. And, try to step back.

2. Analyse the situation Objectively

If you could only see from an observer’s point of view, it’d be clearer. Science says that, if no one’s looking at the Shroedinger’s cat. It does and doesn’t exist.

Take a few steps back. Get yourself physically away from the situation. And, think. What would friend say about the incident. And, your place in it. Let’s say you are rejected by a girl.

The very first your friend would say is…

Naana iruntha na panniyirupen theriyuma…

Okay, let’s take this a little seriously. He’d advice you that, she isn’t the only person. Is or isn’t he right? Of course we get it, you are in no shape to think objectively. So? Move onto the next step.

3. Think backwards

Stop overthinking. Think in reverse instead. Yeah, what did you do exactly? So that you were rejected. Learn from your mistakes.

If you could go back in time. You can view it absolutely crystal clear. That too from an objective point of view. So, you jumped the gun. And, we come to the last part.

4. Could this be solved?

Any situation that has arisen has a next stage. Mind the words, ‘next stage’ not next or ‘vera level’.

So, you jumped the gun and proposed. The dating scene in Chennai is yet to mature. So, don’t fret over it too much. You’ll have plenty more fish. The trouble is, all the ponds are dry!!!


5. Let’s move on

What’s happened is past. Let’s look at what needs to be done. To get over the conflict you need to give yourself some space. As mentioned earlier, physically distant yourself from the situation.

Think of the things that you can focus on. Be it work. Play. Or something in between. You need some time to move past the emotional trauma.

And, if you were seriously affected by the situation. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help. There are plenty of options available online, that helps you move past the trauma of rejection.

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How to face rejection like a pro!

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