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Easy Steps to Linking Aadhar with Mobile Number from Home..!

To link Aadhaar card to your mobile number, telecom service providers have been directed to provide toll-free service, so that waiting in long queues can be avoided and linking is done easily through Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), similar to dialling your customer care call.

IVRS option is one among the 3 options provided by Department of Telecommunications (DoT) directing service providers to allocate ‘14546’ for mobile subscribers to get Aadhaar Card re-verification process complete through OTP authentication. This was communicated by the Government on its official Twitter account. Many of the telecom providers like Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea have activated this service.
Working of IVRS based Aadhaar authentication by dialling 14546:

After dialling the toll-free number, the IVRS offers language option to choose (Hindi, English and Regional languages) and then asks if the caller is an Indian or NRI.

1. Once the caller confirms his/ her citizenship, the caller is asked to input his/ her 12-digit Aadhaar Card number
2. The IVRS repeats the entered Aadhaar number to confirm if it is correct
3. Then, a One-Time PIN (OTP) is sent to the registered mobile number while applying for the Aadhaar
4. Next, IVRS plays a consent message to allow the telecom provider to fetch name, date of birth, age, gender, photo from Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)’s database.
5. The IVRS asks the caller to input the 6-digit OTP sent to the registered mobile number and considers it as caller’s signature
6. Finally the caller is asked to press number 1 or 2 (varies with the telecom provider) so that the Aadhaar – Mobile number re-verification process can be completed
7. The registered mobile number will receive a text message from telecom provider within 24 hours of initiating the process seeking confirmation from the caller about the re-verification process carried out through their mobile number.
8. Then the Aadhaar number will be linked to the mobile number which was used for Aadhaar re-verification.

But, when Aadhaar card & mobile number belong to 2 different states and NRIs also cannot avail this IVRS option. So, please ensure your telecom provider has this option activated for you to link Aadhaar with mobile number within minutes from anywhere. All you need to have is your 12-digit Aadhaar number with you while dialling 14546.

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Easy Steps to Linking Aadhar with Mobile Number from Home..!

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