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Dengue in Tamil Nadu – Monsoon’s Curse

Government and Private hospital beds are getting filled by the minute with fever cases and most of them have been testing positive for Dengue, Malaria and various kinds of viral fever. The major cause for Dengue outbreak is the change of climate accompanied by the monsoon rains and improper water conditions. Due to the sudden change in temperature, viruses find it easy to multiply and spread diseases with the help of mosquitoes, which are frequent guests of monsoon in India.

If a person has continuous fever for more than 24 hours along with joint pain, reddish eyes and tiredness please visit your General Physician or nearest Government hospital to get your consultation. As there is no proven scientific medicine or antibiotics available to cure Dengue, doctors advise patients to take proper rest and take plenty of fluids (Oranges, Tender Coconut and easily digestible food) to get the patient’s immune system kick back and fight in eliminating the virus from the body.

State Government’s Health department has ordered their field officers to visit residences and warn residents not to store water for long and get themselves checked with a doctor, in case of prolonged fever, before it gets worsened.

Certified doctors know it best, than our street pharmacist. So, even with regular fever, if one experiences Dengue symptoms, get your blood tested to ensure platelet count is above 1, 50,000. In case the platelet count is less, rush to a hospital and check your health, to make sure the regular mosquito bite didn’t result in severe illness.

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Dengue in Tamil Nadu – Monsoon’s Curse

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