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Chennai’s 12 year-old girl raped for over 7 months by 22 men!

In a large apartment complex with over 300 houses in Purusawalkam reside the family of the sexually assaulted school going girl with hearing impairment. It all began 7 months before when the lift operator, Ravi Kumar,66, took the girl to an isolated place in the apartment and raped her. Then he brought men into the apartment who were heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs who videotaped themselves raping her. The rest of the men joined in assaulting the girl repeatedly.

(Picture Courtesy: ANI)

The girl has been blackmailed and threatened with the videotape of men raping her, fearing it she kept silent and went with them whenever they asked her to. As the apartment was hugely vacant, she was taken to different places like the basement, public washroom, terrace, gym and was raped by one or many men at any given time. The men would wait for her to get down from her school van and then give her soft drinks with drugs or inject her with drugs before assaulting her. These men were aware that the CCTV was installed only at the entrance of the apartment, which they used it to their advantage.

This has been happening until the girl complained of stomach pain to her elder sister who was home on holiday from college on 13th July . Then, the girl informed her sister that she was raped and at times gang-raped by the men working in the apartment complex. The family then registered complaint with the Ayanavaram All Women’s Police about the repeated assault by the men and the police arrested 18 men after investigation.

The girl’s father runs an electronic shop which keeps him at work most of the day and her mother is a house wife who assumed that her daughter came home late after playing with her apartment friends, but never suspected her daughter was going through such horror.

The police have charged the 18 men under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act and the Court is expected to hear the case soon. The police have also acquired the syringes, soft drink bottles, used condoms from the apartment complex to identify what drugs were used on her to treat her and also evidence against the arrested.

After her medical examination at Kilpauk Medical College & Hospital on 15th July, the doctors confirmed that she has been raped. The arrested men have all been identified as the house-keeping & security staff contractually employed by 2 private companies, FOCUS & UKFS.

Apart from blaming the men, the parents need to educate their own children about good & bad touch, so that children can avoid such situations if caught in one. Parents also need to make sure that their children tell them everything and be cautious about the whereabouts of their children, because the monsters of the society are always hungry to satisfy their need by inflicting pain on the helpless.

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Chennai’s 12 year-old girl raped for over 7 months by 22 men!

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