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Breaking ! Whole Tamilnadu Imposed under 144 till March 31st to combat corona

144 Imposed to Whole TN :

The Tamil Nadu government has imposed section 144 in entire Tamil Nadu from 24.03.2020 (6 PM) – 31.03.2020 to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic that has infected 341,696 and caused the death of 14,756 at an alarming rate of increase hour by hour. Barring essential commodities such as medicines, milk, and food all other businesses will be locked down for the next ten days. All the district and state borders will be sealed and movement restricted only for essential services.

People will not be allowed to move around in groups and it has been advised that all should stay home and practice social distancing as well as personal hygiene of washing hands with soap regularly and also sneeze or cough into a kerchief or a tissue. It is hoped that this proactive measure will help to flatten the spread curve of the COVID 19 in the state and the country.

Here are the 7 takeaways from TN CM’s announcements on severe restrictive measures effective in TN from 6 pm March 24 to 31 :
  1. No public, private transport including auto & taxi. No inter-district, inter-state transport. Exemptions for emergency purpose
  2. Except for shops dealing in essentials – groceries, milk, vegetables, poultry, fish – all other establishments will remain closed.
  3. Only government departments dealing with essential services will function. These include Collectorate, Police, Fire Services, Electricity, Water, Prisons, Health, Judiciary, and Local bodies.
  4. Private companies, IT companies must engage in work from home. Private hospitals will function.
  5. Companies engaged in the production of essentials and exports must operate with a minimal workforce.
  6. Construction work, other than those required for emergent purposes, shall be stopped. But workers must be paid wages during this period.
  7. Considering the plight of thousands of those staying outside homes in hostels, etc, hotels would be allowed to operate only for the delivery of parcels. All Amma Unavagams will continue to function

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Breaking ! Whole Tamilnadu Imposed under 144 till March 31st to combat corona

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