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Breaking the myths of hair fall with Dermatologist

Interview excerpts of Dr Karthick Ram, Plastic Surgeon who has been practising in the field of Dermatology for almost 9 years in Chennai Plastic Surgery (CPS).

While reading a medical article, one need to analyse the authenticity by getting satisfiable answers to the below::

  • Who is the author of the article?
  • What are his/ her credentials in their field of medicine?
  • Is the author a Homeopathic or an Ayurvedic doctor (in general, are they qualified
  • Is the author promoting a particular product/ brand?
  • Is the content published by the author sound genuine or legit?

“My name is Karthick ram. I am a plastic surgeon practising for around 8 to 9 years in a hospital called Chennai plastic surgery.”

Are there any side effects in dyeing hair?

When you’re 35 and you start getting grey hair, it does not mean premature ageing. It is normal for anyone to start getting them. On an average, Indian population’s greying starts between the ages of 35 to 40 years depending on the individual. And at around 50, the greying is more than 50% which is natural & normal.

What is the best treatment for Dandruff?

There has always been a myth about using lemon on your scalp to control dandruff; but, the truth is, it works due to the citric acid that would peel off the dead layers from the scalp. Using too much lemon on your hair also reduces your hair pigmentation which might cause your hair to start greying sooner.

So, instead, you could try to reduce your stress level, use a mild shampoo and follow a healthy hair care routine. Even practising yoga decreases the level of dandruff, by reducing stress.

Will shaving your hair prevent hair fall?

Shaving your hair often will make your hair strands shorter, so, even when you experience hair fall, you will not notice. That’s the difference. Shaving and hair growth were never related.

Why are even adults prone to pimples?

.One thing everyone must know is that pimples occur when you’re young and be happy if you get them. Because, it means you’re still young and you should be happy about it. There are chances that you might get a pimple at the later stages of your life. The important thing to notice and make sure is that, there are no scars after a pimple disappears. The medicine and the tablets prescribed by the doctors are not solutions to remove pimples, but to make sure the pimple doesn’t leave a scar on your skin.

What kind of surgical treatment youngsters today prefer?

It ranges from hair transplants to reducing the forehead, lifting eye brows, nose correction, and lip reduction for people with fuller lips and vice versa. We also get youngster who wish to get their dimpled cheeks, correcting the double chins and the list goes on. But, these are the general face procedures youngsters come in for.

What is your view on people using artificial creams for skin colouring?

If you go and consult a Dermatologist or a Plastic surgeon, it’s wrong. The first thing you need to look at is, if your skin is healthy and if you follow a healthy lifestyle. And, make sure you follow a proper skin care routine like using sunscreen regularly and moisturising your skin every night. Also, never use soap on your face, opt for a cleanser with a mild ph value instead. These are the basic things you need to follow to have a healthy & glowing skin.

Why – Chennai Plastic Surgery?

The famous cosmetic centres in the world would be New York Cosmetic Surgery Centre and London Plastic Surgery and I was aspired to develop one in India. Another reason is that when I was training here in India, all my seniors from college were trained abroad; hence the exposure we got was more as they talked about their experiences. Out of curiosity, I trained abroad for a month and realised that we were far superior to what they do abroad. Our techniques and the instruments were more superior and our skills were much better than the practitioners abroad. After this experience, I was far more confident and wanted to start my practice here with the city’s name instead of opting for something else. That’s how Chennai Plastic Surgery (CPS) came into existence.

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Breaking the myths of hair fall with Dermatologist

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