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Arjun Reddy – Needs Celebration, NOT Replication!

Chiyaan Vikram’s son is getting launched into Tamil film industry through Arjun Reddy’s remake. We can all be thrilled for Vikram son’s entry into the industry, but, Arjun Reddy is one of those few all-time favourites like, Premam and Queen which should never be remade. Because even if these films are remade by the director of the original film, the film can never be justified, as the originals are matchless.

Arjun Reddy need not be categorised as an epic movie; it just has a very normal storyline. What ‘Dev.D’ & ‘Autograph’ movies were to the audience in 2000s, Arjun Reddy & Premam are such movies, which can never be aced the second time. But, the directors of this decade like Sandeep and Alphonse Puthran are trying their luck with unconventional plots with producers believing in them, which elevate such directors’ energy to deliver such exceptional films.

Although Arjun Reddy and Premam can be called the directors’ masterpieces, audience of today welcome and appreciate good movies, irrespective of the language. Movies like these have subtitles in movie theatres of Metropolitan cities across Indian States. This provides audiences an opportunity to watch other language films and that is why Premam ran 100 days successfully in Chennai.

Nowadays, it is a big deal if a Tamil movie runs successfully in theatres of Tamil Nadu for 100 days. If a Malayalam movie was screened in theatres for 100 days in Tamil Nadu, then, almost the entire Tamil Nadu must have watched Premam in theatres.

Maybe this is why Arjun Reddy movie’s remake rights were bought off and cancelled all the shows in theatres across Tamil Nadu. So, when audience who watched the original Arjun Reddy movie with/ without subtitles, they would expect the remake to be in par with the original. In case the remake failed to be exact replication of the original version, audience will just troll away the movie.

So, it is best to leave such movies UNTOUCHED.

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Arjun Reddy – Needs Celebration, NOT Replication!

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