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Adyar, Cooum River stinks? It’s because of us!

The Public Works Department of Greater Chennai Corporation has been introducing schemes, purchasing efficient garbage collecting tools and employing labour to clear the heaps of garbage that we Chennaites dispose off every day. Living in a gated community house or under a thatched roof, Chennai’s waste management is taken for granted by people of all socio-economic classes in this glorified city.

When the Corporation is trying its best to keep the city clean by employing over 4000+ human labourers, as the dwellers of this great city, we Chennaites also need to be responsible of disposing our everyday garbage in its appropriate places. Each one of us want our city to be clean, but when we don’t co-operate, no matter how much the PWD labourers clear out the garbage from the streets, we will never breathe stench free air.

When there is no one watching us in public entertainment place, we casually drop off the wrapper of a chocolate or ketchup sachet or a tissue paper wherever we are, even if a dustbin is near us. It has become a habit of getting rid of things in quickest way possible, but not disposing it off the right way. Then how can we expect our city to be clean? Inspite of our irresponsible behaviour, PWD labourers pick it up everyday for us, without any respect for their jobs.

The accumulation of many of our irresponsible waste disposal leads to destruction of nature and the pollution of the Canal near T Nagar Bus Depot is a proof of Chennaites’ recklessness. The Corporation had cleared out the garbage dumped in the canal and built a compound wall, gated it and put notice not to throw away garbage here 4 months back. When a PWD labourer working in the area for over 6 years was questioned about the non-removal of garbage on the canal,he mentioned that it takes him one full day to remove the garbage being collected.


When the canal which runs through the whole city of Chennai is being polluted by throwing away garbage casually, what more can the PWD labourers or bureaucrats or government do other than keep clearing it out?

We all live in a society were we have stopped to do things right and assume that someone will take responsibility to do things right. Before questioning the authorities for not taking stern measures against public health issues, let us question ourselves, what is the cause for polluting the city and have I been responsible in anyway for not doing things right.

Every piece of garbage in the city is being cleared out with human hands using basic tools and no health protection equipments, so let us try to be responsible and respect a fellow human being who clears our garbage risking his health, so that we can breathe less polluted air.

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Adyar, Cooum River stinks? It’s because of us!

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