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90’s Kids Themed Ice Cream Flavours From Strictly Desserts!

Picture Courtesy – Prabhu JS

Strictly Desserts has been into baking since 2015 and we recently launched our artisanal ice creams in June 2020. We wanted to experiment with flavour infused ice creams that not only tickle the taste buds but also get people to come back for more because our ice creams are more of an experience that we have repeated on par with our new customers.

How did you curate the idea for Strictly desserts?

Our ice creams were started with the idea of sourcing local ingredients and we churn ice creams in the best organic way possible, hence, starting from our farm fresh milk, cream, seasonal ingredients to our packaging, we try to be sustainable all throughout. Our ice creams are 100% free of artificial flavourings and emulsifiers to boost the flavours and shelf life.

Our ice cream flavour profiling and pairings have been devised with just one thought in mind, “Have we ever tasted or experienced a flavour pairing in ice cream?” If no, then we delve into R&D and see which flavour is best and get it on our menu. Three such flavours that have been in non-stop production every single day are Rosemilk ice cream with candied pistachios Bun Butter Jam ice cream, Black forest ice cream.

Our unique flavours and quirky packaging helped us to identify ourselves in Chennai’s ice cream arena within a very short span of time. Our tubs come in one standard 350ml size and priced between ₹250-350 based on the flavours. Bun Butter Jam is one flavour that has overwhelmed many ice cream lovers across ages to reminisce their past were they used to buy a bun butter jam at a tea stall/ college canteen.

About the crazy partners of Strictly Desserts:-

Big time foodie and Netflix addict, one thing that excites me in baking is the possibility of flavourings! Strictly Desserts is a result of 2 years of dream with the only objective of bringing the best memories and experiences for the customers. Evolution of new dimensions in ice creams and world domination is the ultimate goal. When I don’t bake, I set my inner Julia Child mode on and head on too cooking and that’s the only therapeutic thing in this whole world. Fell in love with travelling after our trip to Bangkok and my ultimate travel goal before I turn 30 is to experience bungee jumping in New Zealand !! – Snehithi Jambulingam, Founder & Ice cream Connoisseur.

Suganya Gopu, Managing Partner & Creative Head. (Left) & Snehithi Jambulingam, Founder & Ice cream Connoisseur. (Right)

Simple and sustainable living is my way to go. Acquiring knowledge about anything that’s uncommon tickles my senses more than my Engineering or MBA education ever did. Fresh local produce has been with me, being brought up in a small town and I have been blessed to have experienced a flavourful childhood with my mother and maternal grandmother. To me, cooking is not just following a recipe, but love that brings out the essence of good food and I enjoy the excitement that flavours give me. Not only am I exhilarated to share my amusement with sustainability and titillating flavours with my home cooking, but also buzz the society through ice creams & desserts. – Suganya Gopu, Managing Partner & Creative Head.

*During this lockdown, we can find many budding bakers in town? What makes strictly dessert special from them ?*

Quarantine has brought the best of the talents in everyone and its absolutely wonderful to see the baking community grow creative and stronger. While the competition is growing multi-fold, we focus on just two things and all of our products are designed around it. Experience and accessibility. We love flavour pairings and that’s our Jam !! Our objective is to give our customers an experience that not only rekindles memories but make one with our flavours at an affordable rate making it accessible to everyone. That is one of the reasons why the flavours in our menu is on a rotational basis. And we are so glad to do it through an awesome medium called Ice creams!

*Do you think costing is bearable for all dessert lovers ?*

Absolutely.. all of our ice creams and desserts are designed keeping the affordability factor in check.

Our ice creams and desserts range between ₹250-650 with apt options for our customers. Our desserts are designed to be enjoyed by either two or a family, for their once in a while cravings, the Gourmet way. Also, we have at least 10 customers a day, who gift our icecreams & desserts to their loved ones to celebrate their moments. Ice creams are seldom offered as gifts. I think we are able to achieve that only because we are flavourful and affordable.

How do you see the future of strictly desserts?

We are taking one baby step at a time. Currently, we take orders only through Instagram. Our goal by the end of this year is to streamline order processing for everyone throughout the city. The ability to connect with one’s memories and savour new experiences through a medium called Strictly Desserts is a blessing that we intend to keep spreading across cities. We are excited for our two upcoming festive editions with interesting flavours await this Diwali and Christmas!!

Share something about transformation of the home baking into a bakery?

1.5 years of the entrepreneurial journey wasn’t a breezy one for sure. We did all things that others were doing in the market and worked well for them. We failed miserably, learnt a lot through our mistakes before finding our core strength being flavour profiling. With some refinement of thoughts and execution along the line, here we are. We regret nothing and we are grateful for all the support from our customers and our followers.

We are a strong 11k+ family on Instagram within a span of 3 months and without their continual support since our beginning, we couldn’t have taken our first step into the ice cream business. We were not only just supported by our customers with their orders, but we are stoked to be part of our customers’ precious moments and that fuels the entirety of Strictly Desserts.

Where is it located?

We are located in Anna Nagar East operating out of our part home and part commercial kitchen and delivering via delivery apps to every sweet tooth stuck at far corners of the city to the best of our abilities. DM us on Instagram to get your tub..!

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Our next flavour bomb is this beautiful 𝐁̠𝐋̠𝐀̠𝐂̠𝐊̠ 𝐅̠𝐎̠𝐑̠𝐄̠𝐒̠𝐓̠ 𝐂̠𝐀̠𝐊̠𝐄̠ 𝐈̠𝐂̠𝐄̠𝐂̠𝐑̠𝐄̠𝐀̠𝐌̠ !!! Black forest cake would definitely have a place in everyone's heart !! This cake is a go-to one for almost every celebrations and birthday parties for years together.. Even though we are all exposed to all the fancy schmancy cake pairings and flavours in this home bakers era, the black forest cake still plays a major role in all celebrations. . So we wanted to rekindle those memories of yours with this special flavour!! How did we do that?! . This ice cream has a Belgian chocolate base layered with our signature chocolate cake crumbs, cherry filling and whipped cream ofcourse for the real deal and topped with more cherries!!! Doesn't she look pretty ?!?! . 📷 – @prabhu_js_photography . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #blackforesticecream #blackforest #blackforestlove #icecreamchurning #chennaifoodie #wherechennaieats #chennaifoodguide #strictlydesserts #rosemilk #iloveicecream #artisanalicecream #annanagar #annanagarbaker #annanagarfoodie #annanagartower #annanagartower #icecreamlove #handcraftedicecream #sustainablebaking #ecofriendly #naturalicecream #chennaifoodspots #chennaifoodscene #proudchennaites #chennaite #chennaifoodcommunity #madeinchennai #chennaiwomen #chennaidesserts #icecreamparty

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The ability to connect with one’s memories and savour new experiences through a medium called Strictly Desserts is a blessing that we intend to keep spreading across cities.

P.S: Dear Chennaites & Dessert lovers, Here is your one-stop to the love for desserts.

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90’s Kids Themed Ice Cream Flavours From Strictly Desserts!

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