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6 Pet friendly Cafés in Chennai

Our pets are our best soul friends, which is why it feels disappointing when they aren’t allowed inside cafés when we catch up with our friends over coffee. But, all hope is not lost – here we have five pet friendly cafés in Chennai that welcome not only you, but also your furry friends! Do make note that none of these cafes serve dog food – but all of them accommodate requests for pet friendly human food.

Wild Garden Café at Amethyst

The Wild Garden Café is probably the first café in Chennai that allowed pets on their property. The café is lush with greenery accompanied by a complete garden with a lotus pond which the pets would love to walk around.


The Farm, OMR

If you and your pet are up for a drive during the weekend, The Farm is where you should go! The Farm, is literally a farm that has been converted into a restaurant cum café . They have a great deal of open space that allow pets to enjoy and explore, given the number of cows, buffaloes and other animals that live there, he/she might even make new besties! If you let the staff know that you’re bringing a pet in advance, they will even suggest actxivities to keep your pet occupied.

Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

The Teynampet branch of Sandy’s Chocolate Lab has outdoor seating for people who want to bring in their pets. The staff are both friendly and familiar with animals, so rest assured that your pet will feel warm and welcomed. Sandy’s is open all day, but the seating area can get hot during the afternoons, so we recommend you visit in the evenings, when the weather is pleasant.

Ashvita Bistro

Ashvita Bistro is another café that allow pets to come along while you have a cup (or three) of coffee. Be warned though, while they are pet friendly, the café is a little small, so their outdoor seating is limited — this isn’t a problem for small pets, but if you have a slightly larger dog, like say a Labrador, it might not be the most convenient seating arrangement.

Chamiers Café

Most of us know Chamiers Café as a gorgeous, long-standing café that is completely indoor. However, they do have outdoor seating at the back that is pet friendly. If you want to shop in the little boutiques that the café houses, you will have to leave your dog with a friend.

Crimson Chakra

A home turned restaurant offers exotic and flavorsome food, worth every penny. And even more interesting is that they have a dedicated pet zone and if you plan to take your pet with you for a meal, make sure to book a table with them. An ideal setting to have a romantic dinner with your loyal pal beside you.

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6 Pet friendly Cafés in Chennai

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